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Mining Equipment

All-Tech Hydraulics & Mechanical and Precision Machine have broad experience in servicing our clients’ needs and an integral part of our service is to refurbish, repair, and manufacture mining and other industrial equipment systems.

We have experience in refurbishing and repairing an extensive range of industrial and mining equipment. The following are typical of some of the components we deal with.

Conveyor Systems and Pulley Drums

We are regularly required to inspect and repair conveyor systems. With our in-house facilities in two locations and our partner network, we are able to manufacture and source all replacement components to OEM standards. In addition, our service personnel can handle on-site installation and emergency repairs. With our own facilities and partnership network we can also manufacture to original OEM standards or to a custom design specification if necessary.

Hydraulic Cylinders

We deal with many types of hydraulic cylinders through a full range of sizes and applications. We deal with a number of major OEMs as well as manufacture/remanufacture our own.

Our service includes a full inspection and reporting service on the cylinders condition. Following our clients approval of our scope of work and quote we ensure the refurbishment/repair work meets OEM standards or better.

Lifting Systems

We have fully developed procedures for the refurbishment of various lift systems and crane services. We are the certified repair and overhaul service supplier to the provincial power utility and have developed a detailed inspection and repair procedure to suit client specifications and requirements.

Pumps, Gear Boxes and Custom Equipment

We provide a full refurbishment and repair service for various pump and gear box systems. We have access to a well qualified network of gearing and pump suppliers to assist in this service. We refurbish the systems to OEM standards, in many situations using OEM parts.

Manufacture of Equipment Components

We have often found that we can service our clients best by manufacturing equipment/components internally or through our manufacturing partnerships. This often helps our clients where delivery of OEM components is long lead or components are no longer available.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss this service further.

We pride ourselves on our expertise, professional approach and our prompt & friendly service.

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